Thursday, 2 April 2015

New stock and a large restock, and fresh syrup waffles are here !

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Koopmans Stroopwafel cake

LU Bastogne koeken

Lays Paprika chips

Timson appelstroop blik

Bonduelle doperwtjes en worteltjes

DE Intense black koffiepads

Conimex kroepoek

Robijn wasverzachter Zwitsal geur

Firstly lets start with an announcement: 

Freshly baked syrup waffles, baked right here in SA
We bake them on markets, to enjoy them warm, straight from the waffle iron, but you can also buy them online in
packets of 4 or 8. 
We bake accordingly to a Dutch recipe, with no preservatives. 
Keep in mind that therefore you can only keep them for a short time. 
For more information:

Also new stock came in and we had re-stock of your favorite items. 

  • Robijn Fabric softener with Zwitsal scent 
  • Unox Cup-a-soup Chicken and Vegetable 
  • Koopmans Mix for Syrup waffle cake 
  • Hak Amsterdam pickled onions and gherkins 
  • Cheese slicer stainless steel 
  • Holland Foodz peppermints and licorice pieces 
  • Timson apple spread in nice tin 
  • Venco chalk licorice in Black. 
  • Red Band Cola dummies and Drop smiles 
  • Peijnenburg Ginger, Raisin, and Candy cake 
  • Senseo coffee pods in Dark and Mocha 
  • and more.......
Best-sellers back in stock: 
  • Haribo Trekdrop, Zoute rijen, Schuimblokken and Super-spek (marshmallows) 
  • Senseo coffee pods Intens Black and Espresso 
  • Remia bakken & braden (liquid butter) 
  • Garlic sauce and American fritessauce 
  • De Ruijter Bebogeen caramel spread 
  • Koopmans Apple-cinnamon cake 
  • Conimex Kroepoek 
  • Verstegen gehakt kruiden (mince meat) shoarma and goulash 
  • CCI Griotten and Tum Tum sweets 
  • Autodrop in different flavours 
  • Markant baking mixes for Poffertjes, Apple-pie and Pancakes 
  • Lays paprika chips and mini bags Wokkels 
  • Klene sugar-free licorice 100 gram bags 
  • and more........
Autodrop Hardrijders doosjeRed Band cola sleutels siloVenco Schoolkrijt zwart 255 gram

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John and Adriana 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Calve pindakaas (Calve peanut butter)

Calve pindakaas (Calve peanut butter) is the most popular spread off all.
We are happy that we are having this product back in our shop.
Only while stocks last.
Update 18 June 2015: Sold out, will be back.

You can order it here:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Is it a towel, or is it a doll?

Is it a towel, or is it a doll?
Actually it is both.
A perfect gift for any occasion. Made out of towels, tea towels, handkerchiefs or face washers.
It looks decorative when you give or receive it, and you can take it apart and use it.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Sinterklaas and Christmas products are in stock

It's that time of the year again,  time for all the nice Dutch products we have for you.

Our large range includes:
Bolletje kruidnoten in 2 sizes
Chocolate letters in milk, dark and white chocolate
Marzipan, Rum, Apple and Cranberry stollen

Markant Strooigoed (kruidnoten with mixed sweets)
Marzipan sausage and potatoes (your complete dinner ready)
Bolletje Chocolate covered kruidnoten
Kaneelsterren (cinnamon biscuits)


Koopmans Oliebollen and Appelbeignets mixes
van Gilse poedersuiker
Markant kruidnoten

and a whole range of non food items, such as wrapping-paper, songbooks, stickers, colouring books and more

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Calve Pindakaas coming soon

Calve pindakaas (Calve peanut butter) is the most popular off all.
We are happy that we will be getting this product back in our shop.

Currently it is on it's way from the Netherlands and will arrive half November.
This depends also on Quarantine and the speed of the mandatory lab testing.
Update 15 May 2015: New stock coming in next week.

Calve peanut-butter

You will find it here when it is in stock: